Bikram Yoga challenging and intense

Bikram Yoga is the Original Hot Yoga!! It is a powerful series of 26 postures and two breathing exercises performed in a room heated to 39°C and 40% humidity. A class is 90 minutes.

Bikram Yoga is suitable for all ages and levels of ability.

Very effective and great to practice 

Bikram Yoga helps us balancing Mind, Body an Spirit. Your body gets healthy, your mind becomes peaceful, you learn to know yourself.

The heat in Bikram Yoga eases the stretching of muscles, joints and ligaments, as well as promoting sweating, which has a positive effect on our organs and our skin, the largest human organ.

Bikram heals body and mind

The Bikram-series is a therapeutical series, originally designed for the prevention and treatment of all kinds of physical complaints. It builds strength, balance and flexibility by stretching and massaging the spine, muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, and organs of the body. The self healing ability of the body is activated by moving fresh, oxygenated blood to 100% of the body.  Bikram Yoga restores all systems to optimal health and maximum function.

The postures develop concentration, patience, determination and self-control, thereby increasing mental clarity and reducing stress. A regular Bikram Yoga practice creates proper weight, muscle tone, vibrant health, and peace of mind. 

Benefits of Bikram yoga

  • Improves your strength ànd your flexibility
  • Expands your lung capacity and strengthens your heart
  • Lubricates your joints and strengthens your bones
  • Improves your digestive system and your metabolism
  • Leads to mental clarity, discipline and relaxation (stress management)
  • Increases your balance, coördination, focus and concenttration

Have a look at all the benefits of Bikram Yoga.

Bikram yoga is suitable for everybody

The Bikram-series is developed for all body conditions, ages and levels of ability.  Start practicing and notice how you become stronger, more flexible, and energized, as well as more focused and calm. Your complaints diminish, your strength increases!

Start practicing with our introduction offer and try 2 classes for € 20,-.

You can join other classes for free during your intro whenever there are places in the yoga room. You cannor make reservations for the free classes. Just check the schedule and availablility shortly before the class and turn up in time.