Preparation Bikram yoga class

Please register online and buy your introduction card through Mindbody, our booking system. If you want to pay with iDEAL go to our webshop and buy your card there. Allow 1 day for us to put it on your account.

For your first class, arrive 15 minutes before the class.

Before the class

  • Come to class well hydrated. Drink plenty of water during the day. Do not drink anymore 1 hour before the class.
  • Avoid having a large meal for a period of three hours before class. This approach will help you prevent discomfort during class. Generally, it is okay to have a light meal two hours before class. Having some fruit before the class is usually ok.

What do you take with you?

  • Practice good hygiene, arrive clean, and free of scents and perfumes. These might be distracting. Also a lot of people are allergic to perfumes or become nauseous of strong scents. When needed you can take a shower in the studio before the class. Smokers are advised to take a shower before class.
  • Bring a water bottle. There is also water for sale in the studio.
  • For your first class you can rent a mat and yoga towel for free. When you want to practice on your own towel bring one, big enough to cover your yoga mat or bring 2 smalles ones. Also bring another towel for your shower. Appropriate towels and mats are also for rent and for sale in the studio.
  • Bring your own reusable plastic bag for yoga clothes and towels after class. For environmental reasons, no plastic bags are provided.
  • Leave your valuables at home.
  • After class, preferably shower only with water. When you want to use shower products, please use only scentless ones.

Hot yoga clothes

  • Wear appropriate yoga clothes or form-fitting clothes. You will sweat a lot, so avoid cotton or loose clothing such as T-shirts and boxer shorts. It is okay for women to wear athletic shorts and a sports bra or a tank top. For men, running or swimming shorts are appropriate. Underwear is not appropriate to practice yoga.

Do you want to try Bikram yoga or one of our other warm yoga classes?  Come and practice two weeks with a big reduction.