Preparation Bikram yoga class

For your first class, arrive 20 minutes before the class. You don’t need to make a reservation. Just come to the studio.

Before the class

  • Come to class well hydrated. Drink plenty of water during the day. Do not drink anymore 1 hour before the class.
  • Avoid having a large meal for a period of three hours before class. This approach will help you prevent discomfort during class. Generally, it is okay to have a light meal two hours before class. Having some fruit before the class is usually ok.

What do you take with you?

  • Practice good hygiene, arrive clean, and free of scents and perfumes. These might be distracting. Also a lot of people are allergic to perfumes or become nauseous of strong scents. When needed you can take a shower in the studio before the class. Smokers are advised to take a shower before class.
  • Bring a water bottle. There is also water for sale in the studio.
  • For your first class you can rent a mat and yoga towel for free. When you want to practice on your own towel bring one, big enough to cover your yoga mat or bring 2 smalles ones. Also bring another towel for your shower. Appropriate towels and mats are also for rent and for sale in the studio.
  • Bring your own reusable plastic bag for yoga clothes and towels after class. For environmental reasons, no plastic bags are provided.
  • Leave your valuables at home.
  • After class, preferably shower only with water. When you want to use shower products, please use only scentless ones.

Bikram yoga clothes

  • Wear appropriate yoga clothes or form-fitting clothes. You will sweat a lot, so avoid cotton or loose clothing such as T-shirts and boxer shorts. It is okay for women to wear athletic shorts and a sports bra or a tank top. For men, running or swimming shorts are appropriate. Underwear is not appropriate to practice yoga.

Do you want tot try Bikram yoga?  Come and practice two weeks with a big reduction.