Start Slow Flow Vinyasa on Sunday 28th of March

Move with the energy of spring

On Sunday 28 March we will start Online with Slow Flow Vinyasa. Class is from 11am – 12.15pm and is taught in English by Ileana.

Slow Flow Vinyasa is a slower version of vinyasa yoga, with a focus on longer held postures, meditative movement and conscious focus on the breath. During Slow Flow Vinyasa, you hold the postures for a few breaths, giving you time to find alignment, connect with the breath, and build strength and balance.

This class is certainly suitable for “vinyasa beginners” as the classes will cover different aspects of vinyasa step by step.

Introduction class slow flow

For the first Slow Flow Vinyasa, Ileana will start teaching the basics of vinyasa flow. Connecting with the breath and connecting the breath with movement will be the basis of the class. We start by learning the Ujjayi breath, or victorious breath. And we will start practicing the most important elements of vinyasa, including the sun salutation and how to move smoothly (flow) from pose to pose.

This introduction is a complete class that will strengthen and stretch the shoulders, hips and spine. You also strengthen your core which leads to a better balance and connection with your center. After class you will feel grounded and centered and have a deeper understanding of the basics of this popular yoga style.

2 classes online every week

After this introduction you can practice and learn this yoga form twice a week: on Sunday morning from 11-12: 15 and Friday morning from 7: 30-8: 45. Read more about Slow Flow Vinyasa here.

Sign up via schedule: all classes or via the Mindbody app. You take the class with your class card or unlimited card.

Start Slow Flow Vinyasa on Sunday  28th of March