Core Yoga deepens your focus

Core yoga is a continuation of the Bikram-series. This class is for the more experienced Bikram practitioners.

A Core class is 90 minutes, we practice in a room heated to about 37°C, nice and warm and sufficient to warm up our muscles and stay warm. The temperature is a bit lower because we conciously work with our breath. We build up our heat from within.

Core yoga postures

In the Core class we practice the Bikram postures extended with 13 – 15 postures. They come from the Ghosh systeem of 84 yoga postures. De series is composed by Tony Sanchez. The Core postures address strengthening the upperbody, the arms and the abdominal muscles. Also there are a few deep stretches for the hips. Before starting with this series it is important to have a good understanding of the Bikram series and being able to practice these postures reasonably well. The setup of the postures in the core class is faster, there are less instructions. Goal is to deepen the yoga practice, enhancing your focus and gaining total control of the breath.

Suitable for whom?

If practicing the Bikram-series goes well, then Core yoga is a good complement to your Bikram practice.

When you (still) have physical complaints or are not able to practice the Bikram series without adjustments, it is better to first strengthening your body with the Bikram series.

Benefits of Core Yoga

The Core yoga series is een dynamic series, performed in some vinyasa’s. You will learn to use your breath more while practicing, getting more insight in and controle over your body, you will enhance your concentration.

There is special attention to the core of the body: the abdominal muscles, some deep hip openers and some postures to develop more strength in the arms and shoulders.

It gives you the possibility to further develop your yoga practice.

Preparation Core Yoga class

A Core class is a complete class, a warming up with a Bikram class is not neccesary.

It is important that you can practice the Bikram series well and without adjustments.

When you are in doubt if you can practice Core yoga, ask one of the teachers.

You can wear the same clothes as during a Bikram class.


The Core class is at Thursday from 9.30 – 11.00 am.