Core Yoga deepens your focus

Core yoga comes from the same tradition as the Bikram series. In our studio we practice Core Yoga and Hot Core Flow. Both classes are 90 minutes.

Hot Core Flow is an accessible class, we use the mirrors and the room is about 37,5 ° C, which will definitely make you sweat. Hot Core Flow is Hot Hatha yoga with flow. A calm and powerful class in which you learn to move from your own center. It is strengthening, creating space and will lead you to a calm, focused stillness.

In the Core Yoga class we practice without using the mirrors, the room is about 32 ° C. Nice and warm to move more easily. Because the room is less warm, this class feels physically lighter. In this class you will also find challenges, you practice your balance and your concentration and learn to move from your center. Like Hot Core Flow, this class is strengthening, creating space and leads to a calm, focused stillness.

Core yoga postures

Like Bikram yoga, these therapeutic and strengthening series are based on the 84 classic postures from the Ghosh lineage. Breathe, move, concentrate, be in touch. (Hot) Core (Flow) is moving from your center.

Suitable for whom?

The Hot Core Flow class is suitable for almost everyone, no yoga experience is necessary.

The Core class requires a little more concentration and body awareness because you do not have the mirror as an aid. If you prefer to practice “wrist light”, choose the Bikram series or Yin yoga.

If you have physical limitations, start with Hot Core flow, Bikram Yoga or Yin yoga. If you cannot or do not want to put weight on the arms, then practice Bikram Yoga or Yin Yoga, both are “wrist light”. Are you in doubt? Please consult a teacher at the desk.

Benefits of Core Yoga

Core yoga and Hot Core flow are both calm series with flow. You learn more and more to use your breath during practice, you gain more insight into and control over your body, you improve your concentration and your balance.

Special attention is paid to the core of the body; the abdominal muscles, some deep stretches for the hips and some poses that develop strength in the arms and shoulders.

Preparation Core Yoga class

You can wear the same clothes as during a Bikram class. Eat light before class and do not eat anymore about 2 hours before class starts. Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach.

The Hot Core Flow is on Monday evening from 8:00- 9.30 pm, The Core class is on Thursday from 9.15 – 10.45 am.