Benefits of Core Yoga

The Warm Core yoga series and the Hot Core Flow series are calm, dynamic series. The standing postures are performed in a number of slow vinyasas, after each vinyasa there is a short rest. You practice the basic postures (Bikram series) and you prepare for a number of new postures. We also practice a number of deep movements for the hips and a number of postures that develop strength in the arms and shoulders.

  • The new postures challenge the body in a different way.
  • You learn more and more to use your breath when practicing.
  • You gain more insight and control over your body.
  • You improve your balance, you improve your concentration.
  • Special attention is paid to the core of the body; the abdominal muscles are discussed.
  • You learn to move from your “Core” to your center. This also works outside the yoga room.

The Hot Core Flow series uses the mirror and the heat is 37 – 39 degrees.

The Warm Core series hardly uses the mirrors and the space is 32 degrees.

Come and practice on Monday evening from 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm (Hot Core Flow) and Thursday from 9:15 am to 10:45 am (Warm Core).

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