Core Yoga FAQs

Is Core yoga (Hot Core flow and Warm Core) more difficult than Bikram yoga?

Core yoga is no easier or harder than Bikram yoga, it is different. You exercise your heart and lungs less intensively because the space is less warm and you practice the standing postures 1x instead of 2x. There is more attention for hips, shoulders and abdominal muscles (the entire core).

In both lessons you learn to move your body from your “Core”, your center.

The Hot Core Flow is a bit more accessible for beginners because we use the mirrors and we practice more basic postures. The temperature is 37,5 degrees, which makes it more like a workout.

The Warm Core class is less warm, 32 degrees, and requires a little more focus and body awareness because we hardly use the mirrors. You orient your body in space (alignment) and you look for your ideal posture. You thereby learn to practice more “from your own strength”. The heat in this lesson is supportive for the execution and functioning of the postures, but does not provide a “condition element”.

Both classes start with a number of vinyasas, flowing postures that merge into each other, in which you warm yourself up and strength, flexibility and balance are practiced together. We extend the basic postures with postures that strengthen arm and abdominal muscles or are aiming the hips (flexibility).

Where does Core yoga come from?

Like the Bikram series, core yoga and Hot Core Flow are based on the Ghosh system of 84 yoga postures. The series are designed by experienced yoga teachers in the Ghosh tradition, including Tony Sanchez.

Who is Tony Sanchez?

Tony Sanchez is a very experienced and knowledgeable yoga master. He was one of Bikram’s first students in the United States and led a studio from 1980 – 1984. Tony is very skilled in the Ghosh system and one of the few who offers training. He has developed different series based on the 84 postures, for different people in different phases of their lives, from beginners to more advanced.

Are the Core series as effective as the Bikram series and can I practice them?

The Core, Hot Core Flow and the Bikram series are based on the Bishnu Ghosh yoga system, but focus on different aspects.

The Bikram series is a beginner’s series, suitable for everyone and all body conditions, intended to make the body healthy again and to keep in shape. You can continue to practice the series and every class remains a challenge.

In the Core series we practice the basic postures, we give more attention to arm strength (not “wrist light”) and hip openers and we continue to work on focus, breath control, strength and balance. You work more from your own strength and focus and your motivation from within. You thereby become more independent in your yoga practice.

The Hot Core Flow series combines the basic yoga postures with flow (in the standing series) and attention to shoulders, abs and hips. It is a beginner’s series but not “wrist light”, although we can adjust the postures.

Who was Ghosh?

Bishnu Charan Ghosh was born in Lahore, India in 1903. He was the younger brother and student of Paramahansa Yogananda, author of ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’. Ghosh used asana, pranayama, bandha and weightlifting to strengthen the body and increase ‘muscle control’. He became famous for showing incredible power performances, for example having an elephant stand on him. Ghosh established a Yoga school in Calcutta, which still exists and where people practice therapeutic yoga every day.

What is the Ghosh System of 84 postures?

The Ghosh System was developed in India by Bishnu Charan Ghosh. The intention was a yoga system that is accessible to everyone, not just young people or athletes. He wanted the benefits of yoga to be accessible to “ordinary people”, people who work and have a family. His system is simple and clear, efficient in making the body healthy, reducing stress and soothing the mind (our monkey mind).

The Ghosh system leads to total health through the correct form of the postures, the silence during the postures and performing postures developed to practice all parts of the body: the muscles, bones, joints, organs, digestion, heart and blood vessels , the hormonal system and the nervous system. The postures are performed in a certain order for the greatest therapeutic effect.

The Bikram series, the Core and the Hot Core Flow series are short series based on the complete series of 84 positions. Practicing the complete series takes approximately 3.5 hours.

As the yoga student becomes more experienced and gets to know his own body better, he / she uses from the system what is helpful for his unique body, mind and talent.