Hot Yoga House is open again. Welcome back!

The classes in our beautiful warm studio started again. Join us!! Book your classes via “all classes” or via the Mindbody app or website.

Hot Yoga is the way to live healthier, to relax, and to strengthen your immune system.

Do you need more time before practicing outside your home? You can take the classes also online. In that case sign up for the virtual classes via “all classes” or via the Mindbody app.

Look here how we create a safe environment in the studio and how you can take part in this. The video is in Dutch but seeing it will give you a good idea nevertheless.

Our precautions

The most important thing to prevent the spread of the virus is to stay at home if you have complaints. In the studio respect the distance and maintain a good hygiene. Wash your hands and keep your hands away from your face.

We do extra cleaning in the studio. All contact surfaces that you touch with your hands are cleaned after each class. The floors are mopped daily.

Rental of mats and towels is restricted to new students with an intro abonnement who do not have a mat yet. We do have them for sale.

In the yin classes you can use the studio bolsters and blocks if you bring a pillowcase or a large towel to cover them. Also bring an extra towel or a thin blanket, for example to use it as a little roll for under a knee, or to sit a little higher.

Clean heating and ventilation

Our heating system already provided a continuous airflow, with all air in the room being refreshed every 7 minutes. As a result, you always breathe fresh air and the CO2 content remains low. That’s like exercising outdoors. Due to corona measures, the system is set so that no air is recirculated. All the air that is extracted exits the building, 100% fresh air enters the yoga room.

Other precautions

We adapted the breathing exercises at the beginning and end of the bikram classes. In order to spread a minimum number of aerosols, we breathe in and out through the nose. Only with the sit-up there is an exhalation through the mouth with the chin towards the chest and forehead towards the knees. Because of the distance to each other, the fact that you breathe towards your chest and the good ventilation, this is safe and you can clean your lungs well.

Now that we have been practicing in the studio again for several months, we can say how well we are doing to keep the 1.5 meters away and create that safe environment together. Reminders how to deal with this hang out in various places in the studio.

Mindful movement and consideration of each other contributes to a relaxed and attentive atmosphere. In the yoga room you can choose your own place, marked with a blue stripe, to practice. You can leave the room at your time after class. With a maximum of 3 people at a time in the changing rooms, 1 person a time can take a shower after class.