Hot Yoga House in Nijmegen: Your body strong and fit. Your mind calm and relaxed

Bikram Yoga

14 classes per week the original Hot Yoga series. Go directly to the class schedule.

The series that works for everybody and all body conditions, in 90 minutes 26 postures & 2 breathing excersises in a room of 39°C.

Core Yoga

Find your balance and move from your center. Classes on Monday and Thursday

Attention, balance and strength. A calm and focused class with flow. Bikram postures plus strengthening of arms, shoulders, abdominals & hip stretchers in a room of 32-37°C

Core Yoga

Yin yoga is relaxing, meditative and healing. 3 classes per week in a pleasantly warm room

Find your self and create space in body and being. Step out of your doing and thinking mode, listening to what is inside, in a room of 32°C