Hot Yoga House is open again. Welcome back!

The classes in our beautiful warm studio started again. Join us!! Book your classes via “all classes” or via the Mindbody app or website.

Do you need more time before practicing outside your home? You can take these classes also online. In that case sign up for the virtual classes via “all classes” or via the Mindbody app.

Look here how we create a safe environment in the studio and how you can take part in this. The video is in Dutch but seeing it will give you a good idea nevertheless.

25 juni 2020 (text about cancellation policy updated on 10th of July 2020)

In a week we will open our doors again

The first of July is quickly coming closer. The NOS shared, in advance of the press conference on Wednesday June 24th, that yoga schools, sport centers and sauna’s can open their doors again from Wednesday next week onward. Special care for ventilations measures is sought after.

Heating and ventilation

The heating system has been adapted so that air wont be recycled. All air that will be abducted will leave the building, 100% fresh air will re-enter the yoga space. Through the continuous airstream the air will completely be refreshed every 7 minutes. It’s like practicing outdoors.

Live classes and virtual classes

From Wednesday afternoon the 24th of June you will be able to sign up for the first classes in the studio on the 1st of July. Arrange your access to the online booking system beforehand on our website so you can book your classes through our website or via the mindbody app. Read here how to do this. Gladly I will solve any problems you have regarding the online access. Send an email to

All classes will also be available virtually through live stream online. In the class schedule you’ll find these classes as ‘Virtual Class’. This way, if you’re not able or don’t want to come to the studio, you can continue taking classes to keep up your practice and stay part of our community.

About online booking

  • You can book a class maximum 7 days in advance. Use the website, the link is on each page in the upper right corner (all classes) or the mindbody app. You can not reserve via e-mail. You can not come to the studio without a reservation. Limited spots available because of the 1,5 meter social distance.
  • Reserve your spot for a yoga class only if you’re healthy and don’t have any (mild) cough or flu-like symptoms.
  • Do you have mild signs of an air infection or cough, a tendency to cough or do you feel unwell, please stay at home for your own wellbeing and of the other yogi’s, take the class online! This will improve your immune system. Doing new, uncomfortable things, breaking habits will improve and enrich your living experience. Needless to say as you will have experienced this in the past couple of months!
  • On the website and on the app you can see how many spots are available or if a class is fully booked.
  • After each booking you will receive a confirmation by email with detailed instructions. If you do not receive this email, check your Mindbody account to see if you allow us to send you reminders. Make sure that at least the top 2 blocks are checked in your account under “contact”. If all this is correct, check your SPAM folder and make a safe sender.

Signing in and canceling reservations

Because of the limited availability in the yoga space there is a clear sign up and cancellation policy. It might sound unfriendly, but that’s not what this is about. These clear rules force you (yes indeed) to thoughtfully sign up and cancel. This way we can all make use of the yoga space in the best possible way.

  • Reserve a class only if you are sure you can and want to take it. When waiting lists for certain times and classes arise I will expand on classes as soon as possible.
  • Don’t sign up for more than one class a day. When close to a second class spots are still available, you can still participate.
  • Cancellations through the website or app are free (with a class restitution on your class card) to maximum 2 hours before the start of the class.
  • Cancelling for a class via e-mail of phone is not possible
  • Cancellations less than 2 hours before class, count as a “late cancellation”.
  • For a “late cancellation” a class will be deducted from your card.
  • For yogi’s with an unlimited card (a monthly abonnement or year card) the same rules apply. If you fail to cancel the class a € 13 fee (the price of a class on a 10 class card) will be charged.
  • If there are more sign ups than spots in a class, you automatically will be on the waiting list. If there are cancellations you’ll get an automatic email message saying you will be able to attend the class. It’s worth it to visit te studio anyway when you are on the waiting list. Often a free place occurs and you can join the class!
  • If the class is full and you choose to take a virtual class, cancel yourself from the waiting list to make space for your fellow yogi’s.