The Hot Yoga House in Nijmegen

Feel yourself at home in our studio! We created a warm atmosphere with re-used and eco friendly materials. In the cooling down area there are handmade (recycled wood) benches where you can sit and rehydrate after class. The linoleum floor feels nice to walk on barefoot. Our linoleum is a natural product derived from controlled renewable raw materials.

Heating system

In the yoga room, the energy efficiant heating and ventilation system is top notch providing warm air with fresh oxygen. The system recycles the air in the yoga room every five minutes, monitoring the CO2 level. For health reasons warm air is preferable to radiant heat such as infrared. The humidifier measures the humidity in the room and can determine it up to 1% precisely.

Mats and towels

Yoga mats and towels are for rent for respectively €2 and €3, You practice on PVC mats without plasticizers (ftalates), produced in Germany (Manduka). We also offer light weight, anti-slip polyester Yogitoes towels. These are produced from recycled materials and dyed without heavy metals or lead. We opted for PVC rental mats because of their longevity. By using polyester towels we can wash more towels at once, saving energy and water.

For washing and cleaning we use eco friendly products.


Light weight Hot yoga towels and yoga mats, suitable for hot yoga are available for sale in the studio.