Hot Yoga House will be our new name

In recent years our studio has grown from a Bikram Yoga studio to a yoga school where you can practice even more beneficial yoga. There is the powerful and effective Bikram series, which makes you strong and flexible, in which you recover and relax. There is meditative Yin Yoga, focused on connective tissue and meridians, intended to release blockages and let energy flow, calm Core (flow) yoga that you learn to move from your center and soon also YOGAPATHY® where your body and mind mild stimulates with a not to be underestimated effect.

It was high time for a new name with which we can grow further and be a yoga school for everyone who wants to practice therapeutic Hot Yoga, working and fitting to everyone’s needs and possibilities. That is why we are going to be called Hot Yoga House.

Whether you mainly want to get and stay fit, recover and relax, do something for your health and / or move and grow inwardly, come and practice with us. A lot is possible here!

Statement concerning Bikram Choudhury

In recent years there have been very unpleasant revelations about Bikram Choudhury, the man who developed and announced the original hot yoga series. He has been accused of abuse of power and sexual abuse. Because of these revelations, we distanced ourselves from the person Bikram and his behavior years ago.

Bikram Yoga Nijmegen is and was completely independent and independent of Bikram Choudhury and its organization. No money from our students goes in his direction. There is no connection whatsoever with his person.

Our Bikramyoga teachers have delved into the series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, to which Bikram Choudhury has given its name. We have experienced the effectiveness of this way of practicing and we would like to give it further.

The Bikram series originated at the Ghosh College in Calcutta, where therapeutic yoga is still given today. Other series that we practice, the Core and Hot Core flow series, are based on the principles of therapeutic yoga as taught by Bishnu Charan Ghosh.

The name of the studio will be Hot Yoga House, now that we also offer other hot yoga classes in addition to the Bikram series. The old name no longer covers the load of our offer. And I am glad that it makes it clearer that we have nothing to do with the man, but that we are enthusiastic about the series and the way in which we give it.

with warm regards, Daniëlle

New Special approaching: Yogapathy® is Healing Hatha

You can experience YOGAPATHY® on Saturday 30 November. Calm and easily accessible therapeutic body and breathing exercises performed mostly sitting or lying down. For everyone who wants to do something good for themselves in the pleasantly warm yoga room. A great opportunity to experience healing yoga and to understand how it works. Sign up for this special at the counter or online (Mindbody). Costs € 20 (If you have an annual card or monthly contract, you will receive a 50% discount) Read more about the backgrounds of this series

Warm Yin on Sunday from November 17

We are glad that we can start again with Warm Yin on Sunday. There is a class every week from 4 p.m. – 5.30 p.m. Always check the app or the Mindbody website because there is no weekly lesson More>

Hot Core Flow

From August 26 you can practice Hot Core Flow on Monday evening. The lesson is from 8 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Hot Core Flow is Hot Hatha yoga with flow. A calm and powerful lesson in which you learn to move from your own center. Strengthening, giving space and leading to a calm focused silence. The space is around 37 ° C, a slightly lower temperature than in the Bikram series, where you will certainly sweat.

It is a therapeutic and strengthening series based on the 84 classical postures from the Ghosh lineage. Breathing, moving, concentrating, being in contact. Hot Core Flow is moving from your center.

Whether you have just started, or have been practicing (Hot) yoga for some time, try this lesson and give your yoga practice a new impulse!


Working in the hot room not only makes you healthier and fitter, you also get closer to yourself and you will “work” and grow inwardly.

Do you want personal support in growing what is true and real for you? Formulate a learning question with me.

Send an email if you are interested in this.

Warm greetings, Daniëlle