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Concerning Covid-19

Stay healthy and take also care of the health of your fellow yogi’s by:

  • Thoroughly washing your hands before and after class
    If you cough or sneeze, do so in your elbow or armpit
  • Taking good care of yourself. You strengthen your immune system by among others practicing yoga, spending time outide (f.e. walking) eating well and having enough sleep
  • Staying relaxed and happy. Fear and stress will weaken your immune system

Furthermore we follow the guidelines of the government (RIVM)

  • If you have a cough, cold, fever or don’t feel well please don’t come to class
  • If you have a fever or cough, contact your house doctor or the local GGD


Working in the hot room not only makes you healthier and fitter, you also get closer to yourself and you will “work” and grow inwardly.

Do you want personal support in letting grow what is true and real for you? Formulate a learning question with me.

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Warm greetings, Daniëlle