Yogi story: Lucia

Yogi Story: Lucia

In class only the teacher talks. Time to give the floor to the students themselves. This week the Yogi Story from: Lucia!

1. How long have you been doing Bikram Yoga and why?

“A year or two. It has been recommended to me by a dancer who is practicing Bikram yoga in Arnhem. Because he and I were generally quite on the same line when it comes to things like this, I remembered that tip. At one point I stopped exercising and dancing, and I was looking for a different way to work up a sweat. And then gladly injury-free and preferably outside the depressing environment of a gym.

At first I was a little worried about whether I would tolerate the heat. In the summer I was the one who found everything above 25 degrees too hot. Probably because I could never sweat, not even in the sauna. But Bikram gave me exactly what I hoped. After 90 minutes in the “hot room” I was soaked in sweat, I felt that the blood in my veins was flowing faster, and that everything in my body had opened. A fantastic feeling. ”

2. What is your favorite attitude?

“My favorite attitude varies a lot. I always look forward most to the positions I have to find out at that moment. Because I have found points of departure to move forward, or because I wonder how something in a certain Of course there are things that are relatively easy, and things that are very difficult, but also in those easier positions I have something to work on, for example to stay focused, or to tolerate that I am not hard at work the work. Or … ”

3. What does Bikram Yoga bring you?

“Bikram yoga now means more to me than a healthy way of exercising. It is a concentration training, an exercise in compassion and perseverance; the only moment of the day that I am only concerned with myself. Because the attitudes are always the same, every lesson reflects how I am physically, mentally, and emotionally at that moment. Sometimes there is considerable resistance. But whatever it is, I now know that I always come out better than that I go in. That confidence, that is also what Bikram Yoga brings me. A bonus that cannot be overestimated is that I can withstand hot weather very well. As soon as the sun shows, I’m in it!

You often hear that Bikram Yoga is expensive. For me at least the tuition fee is a big bite out of my budget. It also takes quite a lot of time. But actually that is not so bad when you consider that you have exercised, meditated and went to the sauna. Assuming that all three are the things you want to do in your life, Bikram Yoga is actually very efficient.

4. Who would you like to see in the next Yogi Story?

“Do yoga alone together. Sometimes conversations arise in the dressing room, but by no means always and by no means with everyone. I would like it if the next Yogi Story is about a woman with whom I have never exchanged a word, while we still have a shower every week. They come in silence, they turn it on, they leave in silence. Marjolijn for example. Which Yogi Story is behind that mysterious woman? ”

Thank you Lucia! Do you want to share your Yogi Story too?

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Yogi story: Lucia