Slow Flow Vinyasa: a new yoga style at Hot Yoga House

Slow Flow Vinyasa yoga is a slower version of vinyasa yoga, with a focus on longer-held poses, meditative movement, and mindful focus on the breath.

During slow flow vinyasa yoga, you will hold poses for several breaths, giving you time to find alignment, connect with the breath, and build strength and balance.

What will you learn?

Slow flow will teach you how to move more mindfully and create a meditative rhythm led by the breath. Poses are linked with slow transitions that help you build coordination, strength and body awareness.

There will be repetition from class to class with consistent elements that become familiar, such as sun salutations, core work, forward bends, and hip openers, however the flow will vary in order to build a practice that is well-rounded.

Suitable for who?

This class is certainly suitable for “vinyasa beginners” as the classes will introduce different aspects of vinyasa step-by-step. With regular practice, you will begin to experience the class as more of a meditative, breath-guided flow.

More experienced vinyasa practitioners can deepen their practice of moving with breath, as well as with more focused alignment within each pose.

In the yoga room, the heat (32°C) is a valuable addition. This supports the slow movement, stretching, and breathing.

Preparation for class

Since we’re starting online, Ileana will show you alternatives and adjustments during class to try. For practicing at home, it’s helpful to have a number of props at your disposal, including folded towel blankets and yoga blocks. You can replace these with items you may already have around the house, such as shoe boxes, hardcover books, or upside-down buckets and pots to provide support.

You can wear the same clothes as in another active yoga class, leggings or shorts with a short or long top. Eat lightly before class and stop eating about 2 hours in advance. Yoga practice is best done on an empty stomach.

Slow Flow Vinyasa class, led in English by Ileana, is on Friday from 7.30 – 8.45 am and on Sunday from 11.00 am – 12.15 pm. Always check the actual online schedule.