Yin Yoga: find yourself

Yin yoga is a form of Hatha yoga mostly with sitting and lying postures.

Yin yoga is relaxing, meditative and it can be also challinging. We are longer in the postures, 3-5 minutes, sometimes even longer. It is key to relax as much as possible and be still in the postures. This can be unconfortable and challenging. By being in a posture, it changes because we create more space in the body.

The Yin class is accessible for beginners, no yoga experience is needed. At Hot Yoga House you practice Yin yoga in a pleasantly warm room, about 32°C.

Yin yoga postures

Yin postures influence meridians and organs that again influence our physical and mental health. The focus of the postures is with the spine, the shoulders and the hips, to create more space and reduce blockades. Yin yoga can help the recovery from injuries. The longer stretch of the deeper tissues can stimulate the self healing properties of your body.

Preparation for the warm yin class

Preferably you practice any style of yoga with an empty stomach. So eat light and have your last meal 2 hours before practicing.

Light clothing is recommended. You can wear the same outfit as you do in a Bikram class, maybe with a long top instead of a short one. Men wear a t-shirt additionally.

We practice on a yoga mat and, if you wish, also with a towel or a blanket. We use blocks and bolsters that are available in the studio. For hygien reasons you need to bring a pillow case for over the bolster and an extra towel, that you can use to cover the block and to use as a prop.

Warm yin is on Tuesday from 9.15 – 10.30 am, on Wednesday from 8.00 -9.15 pm and  Sunday from 7.30 – 8.45 pm. Please check our schedule for the actual online schedule.