Yoga Teachers

All teachers at Hot Yoga House  followed an intensive training of at least 500 hours to teach the Bikram and the Core (flow) series effectively and safely. After the training, we continue to learn in further training and from each other.

The Yin yoga teachers have a solid foundation as well, so you can experience yin yoga mindfully and effectively.

You can always ask questions after class. We love to talk about yoga and do everything we can to help you on your yoga path!


We want to expand further with the Core, Core flow and Yogapathy® classes. Are you a Hot yoga teacher and are you interested in teaching at our studio? Please send an e-mail with your motivation plus a CV with your education and experience. ( Daniëlle will contact you.

Daniëlle Mainzer

Mijn eerste yogales volgde ik toen ik 16 was. Ik vond het een beetje vreemd maar het deed mij erg goed: ademen, de aandacht richten op mijn lichaam. Mijn “ik” kreeg meer ruimte en ik ging steviger staan, nam zelf beslissingen i.p.v. mee te drijven met de stroom. More>

Nic Millins

I was first introduced to yoga in 2003 to rehabilitate a serious spinal injury after a paragliding accident. I practiced my first Bikram yoga class in September 2009 More>

Sam (Samsudin) Lubis

I come from an Indonesian family with a strong background of complementary medicine practices - my father and grandfather were both practitioners. This, I believe influenced my approach to physical and mental health and wellbeing. More>

Cecilia Arditto

I am practicing Bikram yoga since 2007. Every time life is presenting a new challenge I think: how lucky I am to have this yoga. More>

Inge Smeets

In 2010 volgde ik mijn eerste yogales ooit. Er ging een wereld voor me open. Ik wilde graag blijven ervaren, onderzoeken en leren op het yoga pad - als beoefenaar en sinds 2018 ook als yogadocent. More>

Ileana Tauscher

I began practicing yoga more than ten years ago as a high schooler. Originally drawn to vinyasa and power yoga, my approach to yoga has changed significantly. More>