Yoga at Hot Yoga House is healing, strengthening & relaxing

At Hot Yoga House you practice different forms of hot and warm yoga effectively and safely in a well-equipped, spacious, clean and quiet studio. You don’t have to be young, slim or healthy to start practicing yoga with us. Our yoga classes are for everyone from the age of 16, regardless of your physical condition.

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Variation in classes

You can contact us for sportlike and intensive classes, for calm and focused classes, for meditative and relaxed classes. Your goal may be to become stronger, to be able to relax better, to experience more peace and space, to heal injuries, to increase health and satisfaction in your life.

Beneficial heat

The heat has great added value. You can move more easily, which is supportive in case of stiffness or painful joints. You can relax better and therefore experience more space in your body. In the active classes, the warmth contributes to your focus and concentration. The heat also enhances the cardio effect in sportlike Bikram class. Sweating cleanses the body, just like in the sauna.

The temperature in the yoga room varies from 32°C in the Yin, Core, Yogapathy® and Flow classes to 39°C in Bikram.


All classes are taught by experienced teachers and have the aim to improve your physical and mental health. All classes in the studio last 75 or 90 minutes as this maximizes the effectiveness of the yoga. At our studio you really take the time to connect to yourself and train your body and mind.