Our offers

Buy the card that fits your needs in the studio. Do you have any questions. We are happy to help you choosing the most appropriate option for you.

Sign up for the Intro offer: practice 14 days unlimited for € 20,- or buy your card at the studio.


The possibilities  Validity* Price / Student price 
Intro for new students in Nijmegen. Practice 14 days for €20,- 14 days €20
Single class 1 day €18 / €16
1 class incl. a mat and 1 yoga towel 1 class €20 / €18
5 classes (€15,- per class) 90 days €75 / € 65
10 classes (€ 13 per class) 90 days €130 / € 110
20 classes (€12 per class) 120 days €240 / € 200
Extension of 5, 10 or 20 class card 90 days €25
Off peak monthly unlimited card for <25 years old 30 days €70
Monthly unlimited 30 days €130 / €110
Best deal: 1 Year unlimited yoga

  • 1 month holiday break per year is possible (2 weeks notice)
  • bring 4 guests per year for free
365 days €1100 / €880
1 Monthly abonnement with recurring payments,
when you take 9 classes per month or more

  • starting first day of the month
  • minimum 3 months
  • cancelation possible, written notice 2 weeks prior
  • 1 month holiday break per year is possible
  • bring 1 guest per 3 months for free
continuing €105 / €85 per month

mat rental: €1,-, towel rental: €2,-, 2 towels rental: €3,-

All sales are final and not transferable. Restitution is not possible. We do not put cards on hold due to circumstances.

*If for whatever reason you have classes left on your card: Not used classes on an expired card, can be transfered to a new card within 18 months. Or you can buy an extension for €25 to renew your expired card for 90 days.

Introduction: 2 weeks unlimited practice for 20 euro’s

Are you curious about Bikram hot yoga? Try it for 2 weeks with a big discount for only € 20,-!  Come as often as you can and discover that Bikram yoga works!  Also the Yin yoga class is open for beginners. Your first class is including mat and towel. Sign up here for the Intro offer: 14 days yoga for € 20,- or buy your card at the studio.


On all cards bought during your intro period, you receive 10% off. After that, if you buy your next comparable card directly following your present card while it is still valid, you receive 5% off!

There is no discount on top of a student discount or other offers as for example the Off peak card.

look for the time schedule

Student discount

Students always receive 20% discount on a card except on the Off peak card and other special offers. The 10% discount on the card bought during the intro period is not applicable here. Student discount is for fulltime students with a valid student ID.

Year offer

Are you practicing twice a week or more? Then the One year unlimited is the best option for you. Choose to practice for one year and feel free to come whenever you can.

Off peak card

Are you under 25 years old? We stimulate you to start your yoga practice early in life. When you are young, your body changes more easily. Even when your body is functioning fine and you do not have any complaints, practicing Bikram yoga enriches your life. You will feel radiant, you will have a strong and lean body, will be able to relax more and be in contact with yourself during challenging situations. You will feel tremendously good. Discover the power of Bikram yoga.

For only € 70 you can practice 30 days unlimited during Off peak times. Look here which classes are open for you.